Slow Customer Support Response -- Purchase Call Back Support?


I know that there are several threads about DreamHost Customer Support, but as they do not seem to be making much difference, I have decided to start a new thread…and will subsequently start a new thread every time I have to deal with this.

TOTAL TIME: 5 DAYS ********************************/

I recently had an issue that I needed dealt with. There was nothing I could do on my side of things, as it was a server tweak.

On Sunday, December 5th I turned in a ticket.
On Monday, December 6th I turned in another ticket
I waited until Friday December 10th to try anything else, but had no response.

So I opened a chat window and waited but eventually forgot I had a chat window open, and when I finally checked the guy had come and gone.

Tried posting my issue on the forum, but no one seemed to be able to help.

The next day (December 11th) I opened another chat window, finally got through, and after half an hour I was told I would be contacted later that day.

The next day, after no response, I opened another chat window and after an hour, was told that I would hear from someone later that day.

Later that day I received a final response telling the the issue was dealt with.

/******END OF PROCESS **********************************/

  1. Even if the issue was complicated, or Customer Suppoort Was overwhelmed…I still was left completely in the dark about the original ticket I turned in. The entire week went by without an email response. I was not sure what to do, or if my ticket even made it to support.
    It would have been nice to have a reply with a note telling me a realistic time-frame to wait ( “We are overwhelmed right now but you will hear back from us by this time next week”)…although not optimal, I would have at least known what I was working with.

  2. Okay, there appears to be paid phone-call support; however, I had to dig around in the wiki to learn much about it:

The only place to “Sign Up” for that is at the end of a long process of creating a ticket, at which point there is not a whole lot of information about how it works.

Apparently this gives me unlimited chat support, and 3 phone calls (back) a month. Can I use this for other accounts or only the account I sign up for the service? I rarely need customer support, so it would be nice if I could just buy 3 phone calls a month with DreamHost and use that across the many accounts I manage for multiple clients…


Can anyone else speak about the paid for support? Does it make a lot of difference having that?
Can I use phone-support for other accounts?

As it stands now, as far as I can tell: email support is sort of a lottery. You may or may not get through. Using chat and forums might get you further along.

Can we now reasonably assume that the included support that comes with a DreamHost account is a hit-or-miss type of deal, and that if you want assurance that your problem will be dealt with then you must purchase the additional support?


I really think it is hit-or-miss. Specifically who reads your ticket, and how specific the request being made is. I had a problem on a Sunday morning once before a presentation I was making to a group. They resolved the problem within the hour of the ticket being opened, so it can be done. But I’ve also gotten the automated email that comes at the 24 hour mark more than once, and frankly more often than not.

My problem is dreamhost never seems to want to improve. I don’t know what it’s like from the inside looking out, because they hold that view tight and don’t say much. From the outside looking in tho, it looks lazy and disorganized. It would seem that they would want to make that view look nicer.

I’m shocked that they actually posted they want to give the mail system a complete overhaul in the coming year.


Could it be because of Christmas?


I would certainly hope a problem she started having on Dec 5th isn’t blamed on a holiday that won’t occur til 20 days after that.