Slow Cache/WP Theme Changes Taking 24 Hours

So my website ( is hosted via a friend ( as an add-on domain to her account. I’m unsure of the specifics.

In any case, I’m running an updated Wordpress install, all of my themes and plugins are updated, and yet whenever I do any site update, whether it be through the WP > Themes, WP > Widgets or even editing the theme’s HTML/PHP/CSS myself, the changes take literally 24 hours or MORE to appear.

It is NOT a caching info on my end as I’ve done everything to ensure it isn’t. I’ve tried updating my site off of a friend’s computer, my iPad at a Tim Horton’s on their wifi, using my aunt’s computer when I visited (she’s three hours out of town even so very different ISP).

It’s annoying as hell, and I cannot figure out what’s going on. What can I do on my end (or have my friend do on her end) to fix this?

I’ve never used Dreamhost before, I was always using a different host because I wasn’t big on DH, but I had no choice when she had to host my site for me due to having a low money issue.

If there are any logs etc I need to attach, let me know and I’ll ask her for them.

ETA; The only plugins I use are:

• WP Super Cache -
• Akismet -
• Jetpack by -