SlideShowPro Director not working

Since the Dreamhost moved my site to another server, SlideshowPro no longer works. I upgraded SSP Director, deleted all the caches that DH suggested. Even the test file from SSP doesn’t work in my URL.

Any suggestions?

Are the file permissions correct? I don’t pretend tot know SlideShowPro, but if they have any basic debugging tips, that would be where I’d start.

Did you finally found ways to install it? Also my test file doesn’t work telling me they can’t find the FFMPEG path.
Do you have any suggestions? thanks a lot

The SSP test file checks ffmpeg -version for the string “FFmpeg” using strpos, which is case-sensitive.

test.php - line 269:

ffmpeg -version returns ffmpeg (not FFmpeg) so it fails.

Using the case-insensitive stripos should show if it really can or can not find ffmpeg.

Thanks a great lot, it works well now
I hope it will still work if I decide to buy the software without finding similar or additional discrepancies I am no programmer and not all that young either…