SlideShowPro Director ffmpeg?

Is anyone being ble to use it in Dreamhost?
I tried their compatibility test and the reply was FFMPEG is not working with their softwere while the rest is fine.
"They suggest to define a custom path to ImageMagick or FFMPEG,
# ex. $path_to_imagemagick = ‘/usr/bin/convert’;
# ex. $path_to_ffmpeg = ‘/usr/bin/ffmpeg’;
while the test finds the path to ImageMagick I used the path for FFMPEG as in DH wiki as follows:
$path_to_ffmpeg = ‘/usr/local/dh/bin/ffmpeg’;

IN the wiki I find various possible paths but I am not sure which will actually work:
By default, Dreamhost users have access to a shared installation of FFmpeg.
In web applications, such as Gallery, the absolute path to the shared installation of FFmpeg is:
The absolute path to the supporting libraries is:
There is also a newer version installed at /usr/local/dh/bin/ffmpeg.

I tried all the suggested path but I had always an error in locating the one useful for SlideShowPro Director.
Could anyone help?

test.php @ line 269 change strpos() to stripos()