Would like an admin to see this preferably but anyone will do that has experience in this area. :slight_smile:
If a site that is hosted on one of the shared servers gets slashdotted what would be the proceedure afterwards? Considering that right now bandwidth really wouldn’t be an issue but the processor time and router loads would be, what would happen? Would the site get taken down until the backlash is overwith or would it be moved or something else?

Thanks in advance for the help!

If your site had one or two two days of higher than allowed usage it wouldn’t be a problem. It’s if you are running over the limit for awhile and it’s clear you need to move to dedicated.
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Sometimes, if you get a lot of traffic and it’s hogging to many resources, support will suspend your account, and ask you toremove the post. Someone posted here before, started getting around 4k hits a day, and had to remove the article. I don’t think that was slashdot tough.

If you were to go over your bandwidth, you’ll get chanrged. Bandwidth throttling may not help out too much here, they only check your usage once a day.

I’d be curious to know if anyone on a DH shared server has been slashdoted and how it went.


Subpage :-/ of slashdot


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It’s happened a bunch of times, and it usually goes Ok. Static sites usually handle it pretty well (with the exception of really large files - movies, etc. - getting linked to). Dynamic sites tend not to scale as well, particularly if the code is poorly written or wasn’t written with scalability in mind. If you know it’s coming, you can often do something to create a static cache of dynamic information and rebuild it periodically, depending on the content and how it needs to be presented.

Obviously, it makes DH look good to be able to handle a slashdotting gracefully, and they’re usually going to be pretty cool about it if they possibly can be. In certain circumstances, they’ve even temporarily moved a site to its own machine.

One of the worst ones I remember is when one of the Mozilla developers had his personal blog linked to by Google News, Yahoo! News, and Slashdot (and possibly the NYT), all in the same day.

Unless I’m misinterpretting your remark, that doesn’t strike me as being particularly excessive use. A little heavy for one page perhaps, but not in terms of hits on a site.

My primary site is averaging about 1800 visitors and 50K+ hits a day this month, and I doubt mine is a particularly heavily trafficked site.

Granted, the recent boost to the bandwidth and CPU-usage quotas helps things along.


Ever wonder what happens? Well:
Judging from their logo on the site, they’re a DH site.

They were Farked and ./'d on the same day! (right now).