Slashdot effect?


how robust are the DreamHost servers? can it handle traffic from a Slashdotting or a Digg? or will my site be taken offline automatically?


Check out the Search feature on this forum, this question has been asked (and answered a few times before)

But ya, the servers can handle it. Somestimes there’s problems if it’s a wordpress site or other un-optimized script. Such programs suck up a lot of resources for each page load (with the default configuration anyways). I think for the most part through people who have been linked from such sites have done well, and dreamhost is definatly coperative.

–Matttail - personal website


Your site should be fine unless you exceed your bandwidth or CPU quota. Even then, Your site will not automatically be taken down, you will be given the option to buy more bandwidth or reduce your CPU usage.

I only wish my sites were lucky enough to suffer from such problems. :slight_smile:

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There’s a “throttling” option in the control panel to shut off your site if its bandwidth usage reaches the quota in order to prevent charges for excess usage, but you’d really have to get a lot of sudden popularity to reach this level given the high and increasing bandwidth quotas on DH accounts.

– Dan


Your chances of surviving a slashdot or digg effect is entirely based on how optimized your scripts are and what kind of content you provide.

In perfect scenario A, if you host only an average static site made of .html files, you’ll be fine.

If you host an average dynamic site on nicely made software, such as wordpress, you will be mostly fine. You may want to install wp-cache or similar, and then you’ll be fine. (We recommend wp-cache to all users anyhow!)

If you host an average dynamic site on more “CPU-hungry” software, such as Drupal, Moveable Type, or Ruby on Rails, you will probably have trouble and could get disabled. We will attempt to limit your connections first, but if your site is using a large amount of CPU processing per page view, we may eventually have to disable your site. A cache plugin for your software is a must. FastCGI is also recommended, if you know how to implement it.

If you are serving a static site with large file downloads, we might have to limit your simultaneous connections or your total speed, if either one is excessive. This is common with slashdot effects on sites that offer multi-megabyte files.


Also, for the record, customer sites have been linked to on Slashdot a bunch of times in the past with no ill effects. Even on our shared servers. This is because our servers are buff.

As Sabrejack mentioned, though, if you know in advance it would probably be best to prepare a static site to keep up for a day or so until the traffic abates (even if it’s just the main page - I imagine that most people who click through from Slashdot won’t use most dynamic features, though it really depends on the situation…).

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coool, didn’t think dreamhost people every checked these forums

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My site ( is on shared L1 hosting. The static portion of my site survives diggs without even sweating. In fact, I’m being dugg right now, so see how the performance is for you:

However there was the one time that’s every website creator’s dream and nightmare at the same time. I got /.ed, farked, digged, reddited, etc all at about the same time. The links all pointed to the dynamic part of my site that uses php, ajax, huge images, multiple database queries, etc. With a bit of tuning I was able to keep the site mostly up.

In short, I wholeheartedly agree with Jeff – DreamHost’s servers are BUFF. :slight_smile: