I’ve been attempting to install Slash on one of my domains, but have had little success. I know some perl, and a fair amount about Linux, but I’m still having trouble. The installation instructions that come with Slash are a bit light on details. I’ve also considered some ‘slash-like’ alternatives, but I would prefer to use the original Slash if possible.

So I have three question for you guys:

  1. Has any of you successfully installed Slash or a Slash-alternative on a DreamHost account?
  2. Is it even possible to install Slash, as it requires mod_perl and bunch of modules?
  3. Does anyone have any advice for me on how I might get Slash loaded onto my DreamHost account?

Thanks in advance,

Having seen others success in coercing various things to work that supposedly “can’t” be installed, I’m always hesitant to say something is “impossible”. :wink:

That said, I’m thinking the mod_perl requirement is likely to be a deal-breaker here even if you can install all the otherwise required modules. :frowning:

Several slashcode lovers I have known have been pleased with using Drupal as a “DH friendly” replacement, but YMMV. :slight_smile:


While I appreciate your reply, I don’t think I’ll opt to use Drupal. I am forced to maintain a Drupal site at work, and to be honest with you, I’d rather be shot than use it on my own site.

I like WordPress, but I’m really looking for something much more major, like Slash.


Ha ha! I understand completely; I am not much of a fan of Drupal myself. I really only mentioned it as some others seem to like it a lot. For me, though, it is non-intuitive to the max, and I don’t find it easy or enjoyable to work with. :wink:

My real point in replying was to indicate that I don’t think you will be able to easily work around the mod_perl requirement (though I’d like to be proven to be wrong on that one!)


I don’t think that slashcode will run on DH, hell I doubt on most shared hosters, mod_perl is memory & cpu intensive and slash code is a very good example of how to push it up, not to say a intensive usage on db.

  1. You will need an alternative to slashcode, I think on phpnuke… maybe… or postnuke or darkcms…
  2. Not at all… maybe installing local on your account, but it dont be easy task.
  3. Find another thing maybe on rails or php…

good luck

From the couple of replies that I’ve seen here, and my research into the matter, I think it highly unlikely that I’ll manage to get Slash to run on a shared DreamHost account. It’s possible to do, but not for me, as I lack the severe Perl skills that would be necessary to accomplish the impossible.

So what alternatives are out there? I’ve heard a few, and I’ve heard as much good as I have bad about all of them.

I need a Slash-like CMS system that is:

  1. Quick.
  2. Open source.
  3. Highly customizable.
  4. Can support a couple thousand users
    and most importantly…
  5. Can be implemented on DreamHost without a PhD in Computer Science from MIT.

Any suggestions?


Joomla!? I have virtually no experience with it, but it meets at least three of your requirements: It is open-source, it is highly customizable, and, thanks to DreamHost’s one-click install system, even a preschooler could install it!* As for whether it is “quick,” do you mean quick to set up, quick to configure, or quick in serving pages? The former is presumably so, but I really can’t say as far as configuration and end-user speed are concerned. Similarly, I won’t pretend to have any idea how scalable Joomla! is.

*Not a legal guarantee
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

Have you looked at Geeklog? I have not installed a recent version, but I had looked at it a year ago or so and noted it was kinda “/.” like. Just a thought. :wink: