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I am a new business startup company and am currently researching web hosting options. I am intriqued by DreamHost plans, as well as the high number of seemingly satisfied customers.

My question is this: I do not have a technical background; although I am fairly PC literate. Can an individual with a non-technical background navigate fairly easily through all the DreamHost tools to bring a website up and maintain the site - or should I really be looking to purchase technical expertise?


Much depends, I think, on what you expect to get from your website. If your site will be a primary revenue source, with a lot of traffic, then you should consider retaining the services of a competent web designer/developer. If you would characterize the site as “mission critical”, then it might be wise for you to go with a dedicated server (which would mean using DreamHost’s “partner”,, as described here).

If your site is going to be mostly just an information resource for customers, performing a similar function to advertising and promotion, then you may be able to manage it yourself. This forum is brimming with DreamHost customers who help each other with problems, and the DreamHost wiki is rapidly becoming a valuable addition. These resources may be sufficient to help you achieve your goal on your own. The DreamHost Control Panel is a little quirky, and perhaps not the best for the internet novice, but ultimately more usable than most.

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Dreamhost interface isn’t very user friendly. I believe you should be somewhat a geek to be able to use it.

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I disagree. I don’t like the way it relies on JavaScript, and it is certainly ugly, but it is quite user-friendly. I would argue that anyone taking charge of their own hosting arrangements should understand the fundamentals of the process in the first place.

Simon Jessey | Keystone Websites
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I agree that the Dreamhost panel is not designed for the beginner, for example there is no easy to use ‘site builder’ application, but I wouldn’t say it was only usable by ‘geeks’.

Anyone that has a reasonable understanding of the terms involved will have no problems using the panel.

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