Has anyone ever run skadate on their dreamhost install? any tips or suggestion to get it up and running?


I’m interested in that, too. Skadate looks like just what I need.

Here’s their server requirements,

I’ve send a message to Dreamhost asking about that and haven’t got a response yet. Waiting :slight_smile:


Turns out Dreamhost didn’t get my email message. When I sent it through the help desk, they responded and said the hosting will work fine.
I did not know you could update PHP yourself through the domains control panel!
So I installed Skadate and got it working.
The installation went fine with some difficulty, you have to be flexible and figure it out. I had to ask for help from Dreamhost tech support again and they helped out. Dreamhost has been really good at answering my questions so far.
Before you decide on Skadate, please listen to the warnings, because they’re valid! It is not necessarily good software! The demo looks nice but so far I’m having a lot of trouble, a whole lot.
And I’ve found out that once you get a couple hundred members it loads like sludge. I saw a long thread about this on Skadate’s support forum where people who know what they’re talking about can’t make it load at a reasonable speed. The problem is it has far too many and too complicated style sheets, etc.
If I had it to do over again I’d try osDate first, at least it’s free or VLD personals, at least it’s “only” $100.
There’s no refunds, so I’m the proud owner of a Skadate license. I’m going to put a bit more work into it, and hope it works for now, until I can learn more Joomla and use Joomlapolis!
I somehow thought Skadate would be “easier”… oops.


I asked Dreamhost to edit my message above but I’m back to not being able to contact them…
I wish I hadn’t put down Skadate quite that hard. That was initial buyer’s remorse talking, and after working with it a bit more, I like it just fine. Of course it has its drawbacks but for what it’s meant to do, it works well. I’m digging through the Skadate support forum and finding all my questions answered and the problems are working out. By now, I have a nicely functioning dating site that is almost ready to go public.


translation: skadate support helped you and asked you to retract your post here… :wink:

PS - you can edit your own message in this forum


the Skadate CMS is maintained by some Indian company SOD Tech & those guys r too immature to handle this heavy. They fail to understand hw the template work & too premature on php coding. Skadate shud reconsider this


I am an actual customer of Skadate. I am not a competitor. I will give a detail investigative report on their customer support, software security, access to source code, and possible bugs found. If Skadate does something good I will post it. If they do as they promise, they will get a good grade and more people will buy their products. Good service always equal more sales. Let’s begin: Before I purchased the software, Skadate Pre-Sale team promised “in writing” that they will upon installation 1. remove their branding everywhere on the script. 2. basic customization of the index/homepage (add languages, replace image, edit Search box age 18-103 instead of 20-103, one template for the homepage and a different for the internal pages). Nothing was done. After I purchased the software for $400 they did not keep their promise and stated I should hire a dating site developer to have the script customized or do it myself. They suggested the “client area” has a forum and I may find answers to most of my questions. By the way they took 3 days to install the software. Remember they only give you 30 days of free support. I asked them for access to the back end (administration) so I can I play around with the code since I am familiar with programming. It has been 4 days now they have not sent my username and password for both back end and client area. I had to asked my hosting company for access to the administration area which they gave me. Now, 7 days have passed. I only have 3 more weeks of free support, let’s see what is going to happen this week. I think they are playing games to get you pass the 1 month free support so that they can charge you $95 per month thereafter and play some more games until you are locked in at the $95 per month support for life. I hope I am wrong. Let’s see if they can redeem themselves. Pre-Sales (they will tell you anything so you can buy the product). Grade: A+ before you buy. After purchase (they save your IP address, you can’t talk to them after purchase of the product): F Customer Support Grade: F Administration URL Path Security: F Administration source code provided: F Training Manual (I have not seen any training manuals: F Video Tutorials (I saw that they have 19 short videos on Youtube not detailed): D


Hi guys,
I’m Zima, official SkaDate rep here. As far as I’m aware, all of the issues listed here were resolved in due time. Nevertheless, we’ve had some overhaul of the operation, and will be more attentively monitoring side resources to timely respond to client and prospect signals regarding our products. Do not hesitate contacting me if you encounter any issues with hosting or otherwise. Good luck everyone.