Skadate after user login issue

Hi All,

I installed skadate and use it in a host. But I have to change my hosting to another one and I just install clear one skadate and transfer my user spesific files to server after that drop all database tables and import old database into host.

Well, web site is working good, all datas look fine but when user login to site, script redirect it to member page and it look in browser

But it is not really member page just shown login page again. So I enter then I see member page.

I try to login to admin page just enter it is working good. Just member are is not working after login because of it is try to go

It is working good in old host and my local test machine but in this new server I have a trouble with that.

What is your suggestions?

Hello There,
I am having a similar problem. I am with ARvixe now, but it has been very slow and the website goes down very often, so I decided to change the hosting and tried Godaddy and even paid for the migration…oh boy it did not work fine there, all the pics from the members disappeared, they told me that they cant support my website and gave 50% of my money back. Now, I am back to arvixe and having the same problems as I was having before. It runs very slow and on and off the website gets down and I have to call them and after 1 hour it gets back on. Very frustrate and embarrassing.
Does anyone have a suggestion to have a better host ? does DreamHost supports skadate well?

Thank you very much!