Situation with client & DH

Hi, I’m a web developer and my client wants to switch to me to do thier website design that is currently hosted with DreamHost. I’m not planning on switching them off of DreamHost, but I do need the FTP info. For the life of me I can’t find a phone number for customer support or otherwise, so I guess I should try here?

My client doesn’t have the FTP username, password, etc. and doesn’t have the password for DreamHosts web panel and things are a little sticky with the old developer so I’m not sure she’ll give it up to them either.

The contact info for the domain is with their email address, though. So who can they contact to get their password info, etc. emailed to their email address that was used to register the domain, etc.?

Need to get the ball rolling ASAP or I’ll be forced to recommend that they switch to another host immediately.


Is your client the registrant of the domain? That, more than anything else, is likely to be helpful.


Nevermind, I used the web form thing and got a response. Man, but DreamHost should seriously make contacting them easier. This process took hours where it normally takes minutes with other hosts I’ve dealt with.


Yes, the client is the registrant, but I’m trying to keep things private here, so I can’t divulge it in a public forum such as this. Thanks for the input though.

I’m glad you got it sorted! “Easier” is a relative term; I don’t find the “web form thing” to be much of an inconvenience, and most of my responses are measured in minutes, though I understand that YMMV. :wink:


I understand, and i wasn’t suggesting you share it here (that wouldnot be advisable)- only that it would help DreamHost greatly in getting you sorted! :wink:

And it seems that is happening now, so all will likely be well soon.


Yeah, now that I’ve got the passwords and such I hope that using the web panel, etc. will make things easier in the future. Thanks again for your input.