Sites on louisa server slow because of another user?

I have been experiencing slow loading times and dropped connections from my server ever since I was switched to the louisa server in late January.

I’ve been back and forth with support a bunch of times and have been given a million reasons why this could be happening: apache was not properly reset, need to optimize using WP Super Cache, etc. None of the fixes or suggestions that have been made a difference in site loading times and the last support person who emailed me suggested that purchasing VPS might help, so I started to consider moving to a different hosting company.

Today, someone in support wrote me and said that the issue was now resolved because “There was another user on the webserver consuming more than their fair share of system resources. They have been contacted regarding this matter.”

This seems strange to me and doesn’t fill me with a huge amount of confidence about Dreamhost. I do not want to switch to a new webhost because I’ve been with Dreamhost since 2001 and have generally had a good experience. But in the last month or so, I’ve had to wait 3 or 4 days for responses to support tickets, and I just can’t afford to lose business because my sites are slow to load or won’t load at all.

Can someone provide me with some feedback regarding “another user on the webserver consuming more than their fair share of system resources”? Has anyone else had issues with the louisa server? Everything was fine with me until I was moved to louisa.

I’ve had the same exact experience as well. Not a lot of confidence lately. Starting to look at other hosting providers.

The situation is the same with any host. They just lie because there is nothing else to do: it is difficult to explain to customers that they get what they pay for.

No need to fight, just ask to move to another server, and another one if necessary until they put you on a quiet one.

If you don’t want to wait just pay for VPS (but actually VPS suxx compared to dedicated).

As someone who has spent many hours documenting these types of issue only to have Support ignore repeated requests to investigate until the problem turns into something big enough to appear on [font=courier][/font], I can say that there is a certain amount of truth to this advice. It may be easier to just request a server move and cross your fingers.