Sites gone

Hi everyone. I’ve got two domains I’ve transferred to Dreamhost from Vervehosting. The nameserver changes have gone through. I can receive email on both domains. Here’s the problem: my sites are completely gone. All the files are gone. I’ve accessed both domains through FTP and there is nothing there on either. The last time I switched hosting, all I had to do was switch the nameservers and everything transferred seamlessly with no downtime. This time…not so much.

I’ve sent an email to support, but it’s been almost five hours and no response. I understand that Dreamhost is busy and might not be able to get back to me, but I am panicking and thought I’d post here to see if anyone had an idea about where the heck my sites might have gone. I’m not the savviest web person in the world, so the answer might be very simple…but since I don’t have it, well, hence the panic.

Uhh… You had to upload your sites context. You transferred the domain but not the content stored on the last server.