Sites down

Anybody else notice their sites are down this AM? This is the third outage this month for my stuff. That I know of.

I just checked and ALL of my sites are down. I have 4 Domains hosted with DreamHost.
I’ve already sent them a message.

I thought they usually notify when there is an outage.


I hate to hear that…

Just when I was beginning to think DreamHost was so reliable!

I think all this giving “unlimited” hosting space is causing trouble on the server or the band width. Just my HO

Ya my sites are down as well, the panel doesnt show any users either so there is something definatly odd with this.

I agree i thought dreamhost was the end all to hosting… my renewal comes up here in the next couple days… bad way to convince me to “re-up”

I haven’t seen any problems here (web on patton)

what servers are you on?

[quote]I hate to hear that…

Just when I was beginning to think DreamHost was so reliable![/quote]

I think DH is still fairly reliable. This is just one server out of hundreds that are/were having issues. I think that genearlly DH is pretty stable, not that every one agrees, but that’s just my humble opinion.


Since today afternoon, i cannot do telnet or ftp!!!anyone else facing this problem?

[quote]I think all this giving “unlimited” hosting space is causing trouble on the server or the band width.


I don’t think DreamHost is offering unlimited hosting SPACE, but just full hosting of unlimited DOMAINS.

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yep, AGAIN…sites down and super slow. man…i am glad i havent recommended dreamhost to anyone for the past 3 years because i have just been having too many problems myself.

3 out of 4 of my sites are down (on gloop)

I have two sites on Gage and both are down with a connection failure. As usual there is no notification of the problem and I am left with no idea of when the site will be back. I have asked before if there was any way to actually be notified when your site went down, and why, but was told by support that it would waste too much of their time!

I was thinking… on sugestions why not put something like implement bigsister to monitor our servers, not all the parameters, but it can email when site is down… it would be nice to have on our user side… anyway if not counted, securely to support also can be usefull ;D

Has there been any official word or response about this issue? My site is down as well, with similar symptoms … control panel is accessible, but it shows no users, databases, email users, mailboxes or bandwidth/storage used!

And their server status page within control panel no longer works!


Ummm - a gentle bump! My sites been down since early A.M. (EST) and I haven’t heard back. Don’t know if it’s a good idea to post my support ticket here … but I’d appreciate a general heads-up here about whether MY site is somehow hosed, or whether there seems to be a sitewide outage of some sort. (I know actual support tickets take upto 24 hours, although I’;ve never had to wait more than 2 hours in the past - so today’s wait times are already a record. A bad one!)

A very concerned user on the cusp of renewal!


My site is down. I’m not happy.

Correction: ALL my sites are down.


While silently being happy that my sites hadn’t gone down today, I got home to discover that Zend has crapped out on Bam, and my Zended site isn’t working :cry:

in the same boat as everyone else, site mysteriously disappearing and etc etc… but coincidentally, this outage landed on my renew date(which i set to autorenew). is it the same with anyone else? maybe just a glitch somewhere?

Me too!

All my sites on are useless - pages either take 3 minutes to load, or I get a timeout. This has been happening on and off (mostly on) for the past 24 hours.

I put in a support request, and received a short reply stating that they had bounced the apache process and the were sorry. Didn’t fix anything. So, I put in another…

And of course, since I can’t view anyone else’s processes with top(1), I can’t investigate it myself.

Has anyone heard anything useful back from DH?