Sites Down - Server Migration

Hey guys I appreciate any help while I wait for Dreamhost to call me.

My site was migrated / went down on probably the most critical day of the year for me. I run a wedding photography business and had a bridal show today during the migration. I have another one tomorrow. Potentially 800-1000 brides who will get my card at a show and then visit an “error 500” broken site. This is critical beyond words for me right now.

My domains are registered through Dotster. I logged in and confirmed the nameservers are pointed in the proper direction. My site is still down, however. I do not understand the changed IP address or how to fix it in my panel.

Can someone offer some advice in “dummy” talk for me?
I see where the issue might be my nameservers, but I confirmed they ARE pointed to, ns2, ns3. If I am reading the wiki and the migration email correctly, the IP changes only affect when registrar is different but you don’t use ns1/2/3 ? I do use those nameservers, however.

I appreciate all the help… pulling hair out at the worst timing possible of this migration.

If your domain has its nameservers pointed to ns1/2/ then dreamhost is able to update the IP address, so you should be fine, that is as soon as things from the migration settle down.

You indicated you were waiting for support to call you, which means you have opened a ticket, hopefully you also selected the “OMG people are dying” dropdown on that ticket, because I do believe those are seen just a little bit quicker.

I did select that option and clicked for a call and to upgrade to premier support calls or whatever.

I spent $1400+ for this marketing push and suddenly my website disappears and I look super unprofessional not having it work. A bride who sees 12+ photographers at the bridal show and comes to my site and it isn’t working will NOT come back. She’ll move on. I’m trying not to cry.
What’s weird is that my subdomains work (which are built onto a unique IP) but my index does not. I wonder if the migration killed Wordpress?

I am afraid to touch anything in FTP for fear of making it worse.

What’s the domain? It’s hard to help without specifics. If you don’t want to put it in here, send me a message.

The details of your error will be in logs/