Sites down - how to get the best response?

I’ve been hosting with Dreamhost for about a month now, and two days after announcing a major site launch, all of my sites go down, (looks like they’re deleted), and I can’t FTP or Telnet. My clients are not pleased, to say the least.

How often do outages occur? How long after report does it take to get a response and resolution? Also, they have just responded to my outage report for mail and http with:

Outage resolved: No server-wide problem was found.

I know the outage hasn’t been resolved. I get 404s and [error id: “bad_httpd_conf”] for one other site. email works sporadically.

If I telnet in, I get the error: No directory, logging in with HOME=/
None of my stuff seems to be there, either (although i’m not sure where it should be from the root)

FTP doesn’t work at all, I either get bad username/password, or it just disconnects when I log in.

They haven’t gotten back to me on the ftp and telnet problems yet, so we’ll see.

Oh, and I have access to the panel, and everything seems normal there.

There is a possibility that I did something inadvertantly naughty, since I’ve been out of the loop for a while, and I’m working with PHP for the first time now. If that were the case, though, you would think they would have emailed me, wouldn’t you?

Any help from anyone who’s been there before (or something similar), would be greatly appreciated.

I know another user who is having this exact problem. Has your’s been resolved?

Any word from DH?

Rarely are the servers down…in my experience. When they do go down, it is usually resolved very quickly. I’ve been with DH since '99

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Yes, it has been resolved. Something about them changing an IP address, and either not updating the name records, or just a delay in DNS updates.

My problem was addressed through the support request process. It was addressed in a fairly timely manner, so I think that they prioritize your requests based on the information you supply along with the post.