Sites down (apache problem, host headers most likely)

Sites on are going down intermittently. They just went down about 20 minues ago, so you can see the issue now.

Here are two examples:

Host headers that point to are coming an going a few times a day.

If I go into my control panel and update one of my domains that are on that IP it will fix all the domains on that IP address!!

It seems like that action is writing a correct apache config file.

You can see the problem by browsing to the IP address:

When browsing to a dreamhost IP you always get this message:

Please fix as it has been going on for about a week!

We can’t fix this. We’re customers, like you. You’ll have to submit a ticket in the Panel under the Support menu.


[quote]When browsing to a dreamhost IP you always get this message:[/quote]
DreamHost uses virtual hosting. This means you must browse to the hostname, not the IP address. If the browser doesn’t pass the domain or subdomain in the “Host” HTTP request header. it doesn’t know what web site you are trying to visit.

So it sounds like sometimes when the Apache configuration file is re-written your hosted domains are being left out sometimes. Contact support.

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