Sites crawling w/ databases timing out

Hoping a post here may give me some ideas to get my sites working before the weekend comes and goes.

I decided to do some toying around with a fresh Drupal install on a site of mine, and noticed when I attempted the install that it generated a timeout and the install failed.

This has never happened before, so I decided to check a few of my other sites on the same server (peavey) and noticed that the other two that have some content on them were running extremely slow. 10-15 second loads on sites that normally load nearly immediately.

Sent in a support ticket and was recommended to switch from php fastcgi to regular. Didn’t seem to make any discernible difference. Did send a reply, but don’t expect a response to arrive until Monday.

Have attempted a few more installs fresh (always emptying out the db and reuploading files just to be safe) and the process always times out with a gateway error.

I used the link recommended to test the domains and most received grades of F across the board. Not encouraging.

The server’s FTP speed is fine, but it seems that anything database related crawls. I threw up some html stuff and it seemed to load up fine, but anything with a mysql backend either times out or hangs on loading.

Was able to get you a response before Monday! :wink: One of our dreamy tech supporters just emailed you back; Please reply there directly with any additional questions/concerns you might have. Thanks! :slight_smile:

What happens if you run script that doesn’t require a db connection ?

<?php echo "Hello, World!"; ?>

Loads up instantly.

When I attempted to empty out my DB about 2 hours ago, the drop tables query in phpmyadmin timed out. :frowning:

I just made another attempt, and it worked within a second. As it usually does.

So, I am going to try another attempt. Perhaps everything is fixed now, or this is just off peak performance being what it should be.

Send in a ticket citing MySQL > MySQL Down with the ARGH! IT’S RUINED! ALL CAPS!! (or however it’s worded) request type selected and inform them directly about the db timeout. It’s okay that it’s working “now” - but if no one noticed a problem earlier then no one would have fixed anything. Better to be safe than sorry and ascertain that something was actually done to rectify the issue.