Sites completely down

Every last one of my domains is completely down right now, without so much as an error message – the connection just times out.

Anybody else?

I did mail support, but with 500 requests before mine, I’m not too enthusiastic about expecting a quick response.

Make sure you designate your support request as a site outage, because those are moved higher in the queue than people that want to know how to upload the site they created in Frontpage.

If you’re on a plan with call-back support, put a request in for that, too.

Last week, my sites went down and I was called back within a few hours of submitting my emergency.

I actually got a response back (yes, that quickly!). It’s kind of disappointing, though – basically said “we were rebooting the machine, sorry.”

I love DH, but sometimes I miss my old host that gave out a free month of hosting for each day it was down. (On the other hand, DH is way better in features…)

But I gotta credit them for being really quick, at least.

Sometimes servers need to be rebooted, especially when you’re on a shared server. Usually it’s someone trying to setup a torrent server or a game server (obviously breaking the rules), which uses too much resources and crashes the server, thus requiring a reboot (and immediate rejection of the offender). Such is the bane of shared hosting.