Sites are up and down all day

Hi, I’m new to dreamhost. I really want to like them, they seem like good people and provide superior site control from their panel. Unfortunately since I signed up a few weeks ago my sites are constantly up and down. I haven’t been able to rely on anything being up which is embarassing when you have people trying to connect. I don’t think there has been one day when I had 100% uptime. My previous host was also discount (Big Name - same price if not cheaper) however their cpanel was poor, which is why I decided to switch. In over 2 years I never noticed an outage with my previous host. I am sure they happened but NOTHING like what I have been experiencing here. Is this always the case with dreamhost? Have they overstepped their capabilities recently? Are there any long or short time users out there who have similar or disimilar experiences? Am I just unlucky? Do people expect their sites to be down 40-50% of the time because of the price and options they give you? I’m not trying to be a jerk, I know some people love DH but…

Oh, I am on lenny if anyone cares.

Some people love them some hate them. Unfortunately on this board you mostly get those that hate them because people with no issues have no reason to post in here.

Me? I love them.

Ive been here for 2 years. I get affected by the network-wide issues and this isnt a problem for me. I understand that computer systems and networks go wrong from time to time and the faults are not directly caused by the staff. The Cisco switch issue was really obscure and imo it was responded to in a timely manner.

What i don’t seem to get affected by is random server issues which many people here do. My webserver has never had a big issue that I am aware of. From time to time i get a 10 minute window when SQL connections fail but the system seems to pick it up and resolve it. Ive only ever had 1 issue with an email account which was not responding to changes from the panel. I don’t get any of the outages that people post on here or comment on at the status blog.

What i’m trying to say is that its a bit like server-lottery. You might get one which has high load and have problems from time to time. You might get a quiet one which never goes wrong. Some people here do exagerate a bit but I do understand that my sites might be fine whilst others are not; its the nature of shared hosting. If you are having a lot of downtime you can request to move servers but this might cause more immediate downtime while you are moved over.

I’m torn on DH right now. I see all these complaints in here and on dreamhoststatus, and half of me wants to tell them to quit whining and just have a little patience.

But the other half of me is a little irritated because I’m having problems myself, and lately their communication has left alot to be desired.

You’re right, it is embarassing to have people tell you your site is down. I’m lucky enough that my sites are mostly for personal web projects, but I can’t imagine the frustration certain people must feel when their businesses are affected by such things.

To answer your question: No, DH isn’t always like this. I’m hoping that these recent troubles are just a bit of a rough period… as all hosting companies experience I’m sure. But really, a little more communication would save them alot of unhappy customers.

Personally, I want to wait it out. But SSH has been beyond horribly slow for me for the past week or so, and as of yesterday I’ve been shopping around for another host. I love DH, with their funny newsletters and great deals, unlimited dbs, and usually pretty good problem resolving, among other things… but I’ve got work that I need to do. And I haven’t been able to for a week. The amount of control they offer is awesome, but it’s only worth anything if our sites are working properly.

Anyway, I hope your issues are resolved soon enough. DH has been a pretty good experience for me and I wouldn’t want somebody else to assume they’re a shitty company, because they’re not… but as far as myself, I’m feeling that it’s about time to give up some of the nicer features for some good old fashioned reliability with somebody else.

But I’m sure i’ll wait it out a few more days at least. Come on DH, restore my faith please!

Got notice that they moved my server. So far I have had none of the issues that I was experiencing before the move. Hopefully it stays that way! At least they were proactive when they finally got to my ticket.