Sites and MySQLs got 500 Error

Hello everybody:

My sites have got 500 Error for almost 12 hours,only the sites on a FTP Server.
But 2 blogs on this FTP run well,thats’ very strange. got 500 Error, run well,they are on a same FTP Server,but not the same MySQL server.

Then,I switch the two Database of them, can run well with’s MySQL Database.
But got 500 Error with’s Database.

Also, is run well,it use the same Database as

When I export my database to a zip or gzip file in phpMyAdmin,it got 500 Error too.

That’s very strange,I submit a ticket to the Support Team,but they said this MySQL server is OK.The also said my scripts or softwares led this problem.

I checked my software,disable all plugins I am using,but it still got 500 Error.

These sites were running very good recently,just since yesterday.

Anyone know why?


I’m betting that they’re both on the same SQL server, regardless of what you actually call the hostname. Try a Database restore via the Panel. There’s an option to rename current tables and move the old data into the proper tables.


I have been seeing “500 Internal Server Error” problems on multiples domains recently, also, and it have been caused by problems on the mysql server. When one of the domains go down, all the sites using the same mysql server go down, having the php scripts killed because of high memory usage. Probably because many php instances hang waiting for the server to reply. Most times I had those problems, I start getting mysql connection errors a few minutes later, and once I was getting an error caused by database corruption (that was fixed after reporting to DH tech support).

The mysql server causing these problems to me is called “amber:randee” on the panel. What is yours?


Hello Eduardo,

I got 500 error when I export database to a zip or gzip file. And my site had 500 Error too.

Now I’ve fixed this problem. I add the codes below to my htaccess file,then my sites run fine.

The codes are:

AddHandler fastcgi-script .fcgi
AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
Options +FollowSymLinks +ExecCGI