Site worse than down

I have many sites hosted with DH. One domain has several subdomains. I was having a problem with some embedded images from one subdomain, so when I was checkign the code I suddenly realized the sub-domain redirected to Then I checked the main domain and it redirected to the same site as well.

First I checked with several people online to see if they had the same issue. They use different ISPs, and they too were redirected. I checked my site files and they haven’t been modified in some time, plus the code is fine. Next I checked my DH DNS settings and everything looked normal. After that, I checked my registrar and saw the NS was still set to

I checked the whois for the punkrockonline site and saw it wasn’t hosted by DH. So I was really confused on how this other site would be showing up.

I continued my search for about ten minutes after noticing the problem. Suddenly, the sites were back to normal.

Has anyone else had the same problem? Any ideas what might have caused it? TIA.

Sounds like a symptom of the DNS Cache Poisoning thats been going around (Do a search on slashdot)

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Seems like that might be the case, thanks for the info. The question is, it only effects Windows name servers. I’m guessing DH doesn’t use Windows for DNS. Could that mean that four different name servers across the country were effected at the same time? Do they all feed off another server which was effected?

I would REALLY like to find out what it was. That was a huge slap in the face.

I’m certainly not an expert but it seems possible
Here are a couple other articles:


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Thanks. Saw those links on the slahsdot article :o)