Site wont work

I think i read somewhere on here that someone else had the same problem. lol i think i deleted a folder i need to get my site to work. its at so if anyone can help me figure out what i did would be really helpful and loved.

  • Aneko

Did you delete the folder in the root directory of the account owner? If so, you need to create it again. You probably deleted all of the contents of your website in doing so as well. (I hope that you have a backup copy if you did!)

The directory needs to be owned by you and have an access mode of 755 to allow you to create files and others to access them.

Otherwise, if you have the directory and it is empty then you will get the notice that you are seeing about being partially created. It is missing the files for the home page. They are usually called something like “index” as in “index.html” or “index.php” or “index.cgi”.

Since you’re on the subject…I couldn’t for the life of me get an HTML page to show up correctly when hosted online. So, I deleted all of the site’s files, waited a few hours, and then uploaded all files again. It’s been three hours or so, and my url ( comes up with nothing.

Do you know how much time it should take between the time in which I upload my site’s files via FTP client and the time in which the site works again online?

When a domain is new sometimes there is a DNS delay, that’s not the case for you right now tho, the name is resolving and we are reaching the server.

You’ve uploaded your files to the wrong place. Start in the panel on the ‘manage domains’ page, find the domain listed and the middle column named “web hosting” should say ‘Fully Hosted’ and a user name. That is the user name you MUST be logging into via ftp. Once logged in under that user you should see a directory (folder) the system created for you named . CHange into that directory and upload your html there. A file named index.htm index.html or index.php (and some other names) will be served at the root of your domain or

I appreciate your reply : )

Yeah, I’m showing “fully hosted” in my control panel.

Well, one error I did was to rename the folder/directory DreamHost assigned me on the server from “” to “Jordan Vinson Media.”

It’s this same folder that I’ve had my files in, though. I never deleted the folder/directly–just changed the name. Regardless of this folder/directory name change, I still had the same problem with pages of my website online not reflecting the code that works offline.

Anyway, I’ve changed the name of the folder/directory back to That should at least correct part of the problem.

Yes that should have been the problem and that should have corrected it. The name is what’s important.