Site won't work with NS6

Well, I was just informed by someone that my site does not work with Netscape 6 :frowning: It’s in frames and one secton does not show up. He sent a screen shot and I saw that it is in fact missing. If you go to my site below the botton white line there is another set of frames that has a menu. That doesn’t show up. Of course I have no problems with IE6 which I designed it with. It works fine but doesn’t look great in NS4 which I checked it with. I guess I better go and upgrade to NS6 which I didn’t want to do since I’m not a fan of NS anymore. I used to use it all the time but since everyone seems to be using IE I got away from it. If any of you have time could you take a look and maybe see what the heck is wrong. I’m not a pro at frames so I’m not sure what to fix. Please don’t rag on me for using frames. I really like them a lot and at least I use a target all the time so you’re not stuck :wink: Thanks!!!



Just checked your site with Mozilla - nice site! I like the way you make use of frames. Not too intrusive - and I’m saying this as a non-frames fan so it must be good!

Now, the frame does show up fine. But, if you notice, you have to scroll down the frame to reach the information.

In the file menu.html try deleting the line:


and then delete: [color=#CC0000]


You’ve got an align=right in your TABLE or TR statement anyway, so you don’t need to set a paragraph as well.

You’ll also need to remove the [color=#CC0000]

[/color] right at the bottom too.

Hope this helps!