Site won't resolve to index.html


I have a site that previously had an index.php
Now it’s been changed to an index.html, but the site still tries to resolve to index.php
Is there a setting somewhere I’m missing?

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Maybe you should clear your cache…and make sure you are calling the file with a fill url (http://yourdpomain.tld.index.html) instead of just http://yourdomain.tld/.

If you provide a url, we can check to see what we are seeing :wink:



I tried clearing the cache, entering /index.html
Nothing has worked. I was told it’s a DH server setting that needs to be changed, but I don’t know where to change it, nor did I ever change it for the index.php, which was working fine.

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Ah! Thanks for the link…it looks like you may have .htaccess re-write rules or re-directs at play.
I say this because no matter what url you type (index.html, or just /) index.php is called.

Do you *have * and .htaccess file in that directory (and are you sure?) :wink:



I do but I haven’t looked at it lately. What should it say/not say?

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You got it. Here’s the problem:

redirect 301 /index.html
ErrorDocument 404 /index.php

Do I just delete the file?

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well, it’s hard to say…it looks as though it is redirecting all queries to index.php. Do you even need it? I suggest renaming it temporarily, and see if that resolves your problem.

Then, if so, we can look at it in more detail. :wink:



Only you can say whether you need it :wink: …but if you are wanting to display index.html, you don’t want that entry in it!. I’d just delete it.