Site won't load up

How come my site won’t load up even though it was working earlier. I have not done anything to it. When I try to access it, it loads up to 38% and stops.

What is the URL?

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

I have the same problem some times. My site will be working fine, then an hour later it won’t load at all. It looks like a php issue for me because if I try to access a .php extension directly, it tries to download it rather than parse it. Is the site (or the page) you’re trying to access using php?

mine is down too. I host two sites on dreamhost but only one is loading. The other one won’t load. The one that won’t load is a php site. Anyone know why?

This is why… and the first reply to this article on dreamhost’s blog is hilarious.