Site with low cpu and high bandwith usage

Hi DH users
I want to use DH to host tgp galleries and images for my blog’s network.
That means high bw usage with up to 200 gb transfer some days. Can DH handle this ? Will my pics load fast ?
These processes use only simple html no high cpu usage so my guess is that may be smooth.What do you think ?
thanks !

As stated in the plan, DH offers 2TB - 5TB bandwidth. So I think the bandwidth is more than enough for you.

As for the loading speed, I do not see any problem. Although the speed may vary in a shared server, it should be enough. (I know you won’t place a very big image on home page rite)

You can also contact DH support for clarification.

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I think your site will do fine here at DreamHost.

It is mainly excessive CPU usage that causes problems, usually when that excessive usage starts to adversely impact others on the same server.


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As for speed, you might want to have a look at the following link, which lists previous winners of the DreamHost Site of The Month award. This should give you a fair idea of the speed of sites hosted at DreamHost…


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Can you estimate average usage? If every day were a peak day, that would be 6TB transfer a month. Maybe not a concern now, but this might become an issue some time in the future.

Then again, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a discount hosting provider with a value plan offering more bandwidth…

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The bandwidth is more than enough for you. But remember the bandwidth does not mean the speed. Even you have double size of the bandwidth, the speed may not be increased.

I am personally happy with the speed in DH. I’ll suggest you to follow mark’s suggestion. Take a look at those websites listed in DHOSM. If you are satisfied with the loading speed, you will be happy here.

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Don’t forget that other ingredient to perceived responsiveness of image-intensive sites, latency.

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I find that my DH sites aren’t the fastest but that they’re there when I need them and they go fast enough.

I’m not trying to host video or audio or share files so a load time of 2-5 seconds isn’t the end of the world.

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