Site virtually dead again

Great, the site is slow bordering on dead again. Even the cache pages are taking ages to come up. What’s going on guys?

I’ve raised a ticket but the response is usually days later so I post on here in the hope that someone can help.

DH seem to lose their service every week. Not very good is it?

If anyone wants to see what a slow site looks like the link is below :wink: Try tomorrow and the site will fly. Then sometime next week it will crash again. Hey ho, who needs customers anyway?

Alternative African Adventures
Seems to be back up and running again now. Clearly some rogue process on the DH servers. Can someone from DH see what is happening on these servers?

That is a nice looking site. As you noted, it does seem to be running fast again. The only slow spots I hit were on loading the About Us and Contact Us pages.

thanks for site feedback - very kind. My first site so it’s kinda my baby :wink:

It is back again now, which is the frustrating thing in some ways. It just dies, and either crashes completely or takes a minute or 2 to load a page. Then for no reason it starts to run OK again. I use a cache program and most pages should be cached so speed should be good all times, but today … baaaaad.

Hi Carl,

I sent you a follow up email, please reply back to it for further support. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Matt C

Hi Matt, I’ve sent you a response via e-mail.

Thank you for sending us that traceroute :). I have another support team member helping me look into it. We will update you as soon as we are done investigating the issue. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Matt C

I’ve been having exactly the same problems over recent days/weeks. Even static html pages are affected. Up, down, slow…

As I was typing this I had a ‘down’ alert from Pingdom for the site I have it monitoring -


The guys are looking at this issue now for me so hopefully they can find out what is wrong with the servers/service. The initial response from DH is that my site is causing this, but as we have very small numbers of traffic currently I do find this very hard to believe. There does seem to be a DH automatic process that keeps killing our site and the DH support guys are trying to find out why!

Alright Carl, we’ve investigated your issue as much as technology will allow us :slight_smile: I have a support manager sending you an updated email shortly. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. If you have any other questions you can reply to that email or feel free to hit us up in here,.

Matt C

Hi Steve,

I’m sorry to hear you are having similar issues. I wasn’t able to find an open ticket on your account. If you could please send our support team a ticket here I’ll be sure to have them look into it right away. If you have any other questions please let me know.

Matt C

Hi Matt, I’m still waiting for the e-mail from the support manager - any ideas when it might turn up as it’s getting late now over here in the UK and I’ll be off to bed soon zzzzzzzzzz


He sent that email a few moments ago. If you still haven’t gotten an email please click here to view your support history.

Matt C

[quote=“DH_Matt_C, post:9, topic:59393”]
I’m sorry to hear you are having similar issues. I wasn’t able to find an open ticket on your account. If you could please send our support team a ticket here I’ll be sure to have them look into it right away. If you have any other questions please let me know.[/quote]
I don’t have any tickets open at the moment; I’ve raised them previously, but generally no real problem has been found. But perhaps you could clarify something for me, please, because I don’t really understand how the interaction between different customers on the same server works, and interaction between the different ‘users’ that a customer might have on that server?

On one response I was told that my php5.cgi process was using too much RAM and was being killed. That process happens to run under a different user to my other sites, the one in question just runs wikimedia. Could that process being killed (or using too much memory) affect my PHPBB3 forum, wordpress installation, and even static HTML pages? Because when I hit this problem, those are all affected.

As it happens, I’ve just had the Pingdom report for January for (which goes to my Wordpress page). 98.8% uptime; 35 outages.

(Sorry to have hijacked the thread)


No need to apologise for hijacking - it seems a few of us are getting the same kind of problems and no solution being provided.

Matt - I did get a mail off Sean which I responded to with further questions as, to be honest, the response wasn’t very useful. He highlighted 3 possible IP addresses that could be causing excess processing on the server but he also confirmed that there is very little activity on the site so what exactly are these IP addresses processing? I checked the DH console and yesterday there was about 16MB of traffic on the site - is this a lot? It seems very small, especially given I was doing some changes on pages yesterday and this would update the caches.

So given the traffic is low (16MB yesterday, 8-10MB on a normal day) what volume of traffic can DH cope with and if the IP activity does not effect traffic then what exactly is it doing? I’m not very techy so no idea how to trace any of this.

As Steve the chap who also posted on this thread is experiencing, it seems that some ‘deamon’ DH system is killing our website. Not sure what this is or why, so any help on this would be useful.

Finally, and I say this every time and no one seems to listen, but during UK day time I get no problems. I only get issues when US comes on line (from about 4PM UK time each day and evenings) - this would suggest to me that the extra US traffic on the servers is what is causing us issues. Is there a high processing site on our server that is causing this to kill other sites?

I hope someone at DH will get back to me on this as these issues have been ongoing for months and still no solution.

I get the problem at all times of day; all of my sites went down again 20 minutes ago and are still down. I’ll raise another support ticket.

And now everything’s back up and running lightning quick again… for now.