Site very, very slow


Since yesterday i notice my site is very, very, very, slow on loading the pages… It is almost iompossible to work.
Is there any problem?

And uploading imagens on wordpress is giving me an error and do not upload (this is happening since last week)

the domain is

Thanks in advanced,

Your site is loading pretty fast for me, and I see a low load on your server (which is good).

What error are you getting when you upload images?

Really? right now it took me more than 1 minute to load the home page :-(. I asked other people to try, and they say it is slow, too…

I upload and nothing happens ( i have a print screen if u want) and then gives me:
Error: HTTP error.

Nope, I know that error.

I just counted 'one one-thousand’s to load your site, and it did it in 3. Which is horribly subjective. Where are you physically located? You may have a bad route to DreamHost (and if your other people are in the same area, it could be related).

The ‘HTTP error’ is a fun one, and it’s often WP’s way of saying ‘I give up.’ When you get this, do the images load but just no thumbnails get created?

I am in Portugal, and the people who tryed too… How can i resolve this problem?

[http error] Yes, most of the times I go to the media gallery and the images are there.

Thanks in advanced for your help!

The test result at shows for your site the typical signature of a problem that has been sporadically hitting many Dreamhost Apache instances for several months.

There are numerous threads in this forum about the problem, and it seems that, so far, Dreamhost has unfortunately been unable to fix or understand it.

I’m on vacation at the moment, looking in from an internet cafe. If I had more time I would give you lots of details. All I can really say at the moment is, do not let Dreamhost support staff mislead you.

Thanks for the info. Dreamhost answered with “It looks like there was a hung up apache processes bogging it down”.
They have cleared something and now it is faster.

When you finish your vacations if you have time, please tell me more details.

Have fun!

Translation “We bounced the apache service”

We’re certainly not trying to mislead anyone. Generally, when that apache weirdness happens, we see it from all locations. We’re working on upgrading our servers, and I personally hope this will help!

You are right, the site is loading very slow for me too.

I think you should do something about the speed, slow speed is quite annoying to me.

Can you elaborate on what bits are being upgraded please?

That is rather enigmatic. I suppose we have to guess what you might be referring to. I’m guessing you mean that you hope that when the servers have been upgraded from debian to ubuntu, things will be sufficiently different that this error simply will not happen any more. If I’ve guessed wrong, please say.

I have been working on a site for the last 2 months and it has been a nightmare. First time I complained about speed, DH support told me it was my fault and I should look into my WP installation. After cloning the site, uploading it to another non-DH server and sending them comparison data, they told me that the machine was overloaded and moved it to another machine. It seemed to be better for a time, but lately it is a nightmare again.

Right now, with all the plugins disabled, I am having 20 seconds for time to first byte I have noticed that page loads OK during some time of the day (morning, Spain time) but gets incredibly slow during the other part of the day.

Same page cloning WP installation, another hosting, no problems.

Some hosts are capable of hiding their overselling better than others.

Request to be moved again :wink:

I feel the pain. I’ve already had my sites moved once and not even 48 hours later, I’m experiencing the same slow crap all over again.

This time, I can’t even get one of my domains to even load.

But here’s the catch. If I go to a webpage that doesn’t make any calls to MySQL… instant load. As soon as I try to load my front page (powered by Wordpress)…takes almost 2 minutes to load.

My other domain has a naked Drupal install. Go to its front page, it chokes and doesn’t load at all. Go to a static HTML that doesn’t make any database queries… instantly loads.

I’ve been told that my website is the problem …be it not optimized or I’m not running W3-Total-Cache (I can’t because of conflicts it causes with WP Touch and another plugin)… yadda yadda.

But I put a mirrored copy of my site on a friend’s account with another hosting company… BAM…loads right away. Zero problems… on a shared server.

To me, something is severely wrong. Because if I’m unable to get to my website, then that means others aren’t as well. I’ve already had complaints from visitors because of it.

My yearly sub is up for renewal next month. How Dreamhost handles this will determine if I stay. Overall, I like the features and the management panel… but that doesn’t me a lick of good if I can’t get to my website in the first place.

Yes, I feel pain too. It’s all started to upload VERY slow last autumn. It was a long e-mail talking… First they said that it was a problem with some WP plugin, then that it was my Internet provider problem… Finally, they admitted that it was their server’s daemon. DH moved my sites into another server, and for months everything was OK.

A few days ago it all started AGAIN. 5 minutes to upload a simple page! I e-mailed to support, and guess what they said?

It appears that our procwatch script is stopping your user due to high memory usage. Our ‘procwatch’ monitoring process is in place so that one user doesn’t take too much memory on a shared server, causing problems for other users on that same server…

-Ensure that your ‘wp-super-cache’ plugin is activated and that all of your plugins are up to date.
-Limit the amount of plugins and remove any unnecessary plugins(even the non-active ones).

If you’re still having issues, it may be time to upgrade to VPS"

So, let me get this straight. It is DH’s script that causing problems. But we won’t do anything about that. You should try to limit the number of WP plugins, hope this would help. If it doesn’t, then pay us more and move to VPS, and we still guarantee nothing.

Really, DH?

“So, let me get this straight. It is DH’s script that causing problems.”

Well that is probably not correct, at least not the way you say it. If you are going to get a conversation with DH going about this, please try to be as accurate as you can. DH’s script is probably not itself causing problems. It is, apparently, detecting excessive memory usage by your application.

What is causing the problem is whatever is making your application apparently consume excessive memory.

It may well not be a problem with your application (but it may be). There could be something seriously wrong in the server which makes it seem as though your application is consuming excessive memory. The situation with several Dreamhost servers is so fragile and confused that anything seems possible at this point. I currently have two websites running slow (by which I mean more than 30 secs to respond to a simple php call ‘hello world’) on two different IP numbers. One of those websites has been consistently slow since June 26th (and I’m letting it stay like that because it’s not an important website). The other one sporadically goes slow and then apparently spontaneously recovers after a few hours, only to relapse again a few days later. Occasionally a third website (on yet another IP number) goes slow, but less frequently.

To get a sense of proportion, that is 3 websites out of 25. It used to be 3 out of 50, until I started gradually moving websites away from Dreamhost. I’m wondering whether Dreamhost will get a handle on these problems before or after my number of websites here goes down to 0.

I would still like to be a Dreamhost customer. The forum here is quite lively. The forum at my other host is very workmanlike, questions are answered quickly and accurately (even on weekends), but it is frankly a bit boring.

I’m in the same boat. After 12 years with Dreamhost I’ve finally decided to switch to a new webhost. Its been 6 months now of constant issues similar to what you’ve described above, and ultimately me having to explain over and over to support that it’s not anything on my end that’s causing slow site loading or down time. I finally got them to switch a couple of my sites over to a new apache instance a few months ago and that seemed to resolve the problems for those domains, but now it seems I’m back to the same problems so I’m going to cancel my account and get a new webhost. Just don’t have time to keep writing support, and I don’t even want to think about the site traffic I’ve lost because of these problems, I give up.