Site very slow to load

Hi guys so my site is very slow to load. It seems to change depending on the day/ time. I’ve attempted to pack all the css in one file and a load of other small tweeks. I can’t work out if it’s the theme, plugins or the server. I seem to have the same problem with other sites periodically slowing down: but not to this extent. I’ve tried searching about this and have made all the recommended changes but to no avail. Can anyone out there help? Keir

Good news? No errors on your site’s logs and the uptime looks good.

Bad news? It may be a plugin.

The very first troubleshooting step for WP is to turn off ALL plugins. If you can’t, for some reason, do that, start by disabling the ones you don’t need for the display of your site (so WordFence, p3profiler, etc).