Site uptime stats

My sites were down again today. When I went to view the offline status page it said everything was fine (which it obviously was not) and when I went to the online stats it showed all of my sites as being down for 31 seconds or so. Which I thought was cool, at least the online stats were showing that something was wrong.

After a minute or so I hit refresh on the status page and it showed that everything was back up. The weird part is though that it now shows that the system has been up for 5 months 20 days. Which it clearly has not. It was down today. It has been down a few times in the past 5 months.

What exactly does that stat mean when it says 5 months?

It is also showing 100% uptime today, this week, this month, which has not been my experience.

What do these stats actually mean if they don’t mean my sites are available?


To be honest, those uptime statistics for ANY webhost are usually not very accurate. Most of us use third party monitoring services to accomplish this if it is very necessary. I do agree that this can be frustrating at times.


Hi Anonymous

The status page is only when there is a major outage on the main dreamhost site. Since your site is most likely on a different server, there wouldn’t be any note on that site. If you can’t get into your web admin panel, send an email to supportatdreamhostdotcom

making the appropriate changes to the at and dot of course.