Site uptime issues

Hi all,

I took a DH hosting account a couple of months back, partly to consolidate a variety of hosting and registry deals I have had going, and partly to develop some ideas for wiki automation I have been thinking about. My sites are typically closed user groups, low volume browsing, wiki or mail-list based; I am barely even showing on the radar of my overall use of disk space or bandwidth.

From the sound of things I’ve been experiencing similar downtime problems to others. I’ve been trying to get a better handle on the size & nature of the problems in order to get the attention of DH support and hopefully get some fixing done; just FYI, emails & support requests have been met universally with silence …

I was recommended to a site that checks urls for uptime ( and I’ve had them monitor the 40 (out of 80+) domains I have so far added to my DH account. Host-tracker performs a simple “head” check at selected intervals and reports on the url being available or not (and why).

So far I’ve been getting uptime between 100% (good) and the low 80s% (appalling) - I’ve appended some of the uptime reports to the end of this post should you be interested.

My questions:

  1. is the “head” method a good test for url availability? Are there better ways?

  2. are my experiences unique or part of the overall pattern at DH?

  3. has anyone else had any success in focussing DH onto such problems and getting some resolution? How did you do it?

Thanks for any input you can offer me - hopefully before I pull out the rest of my hair!

Regards, Mike
[wiki-ing away in the UK]

Sample Weekly Uptime Reports to 2007-04-07
Total uptime:98.84% Downtime:3 hour(s) 10 min(s)
Daily uptime:99.75% Downtime:3 min(s) 33 sec(s)
Total uptime:99.95% Downtime:6 min(s) 29 sec(s)
Daily uptime:99.86% Downtime:1 min(s) 57 sec(s)
Total uptime:99.80% Downtime:29 min(s) 6 sec(s)
Daily uptime:100.00%
Total uptime:95.85% Downtime:8 hour(s) 21 min(s)
Daily uptime:99.89% Downtime:1 min(s) 35 sec(s)
Total uptime:87.49% Downtime:1 day(s) 3 hour(s)
Daily uptime:100.00%
Total uptime:99.75% Downtime:37 min(s) 8 sec(s)
Daily uptime:99.82% Downtime:2 min(s) 32 sec(s)
Total uptime:95.00% Downtime:35 min(s) 14 sec(s)
Daily uptime:95.00% Downtime:35 min(s) 14 sec(s)
Total uptime:99.76% Downtime:1 min(s) 45 sec(s)
Daily uptime:99.76% Downtime:1 min(s) 45 sec(s)

Total uptime:80.58% Downtime:2 hour(s) 17 min(s)
Daily uptime:80.58% Downtime:2 hour(s) 17 min(s)

Regards, Mike