Site Unavailable?

My site ( has been giving a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable message for nearly 12 hours now. My support ticket doesn’t seem to be getting any attention at all, and according to DH, it’s not a sitewide outage when I reported it being inaccessible.

Is anybody else seeing this?

Which machine is it on? Do you have a bandwidth quota set up?


I’m on guilder and no, I don’t have a bandwidth quota setup (nor am I anywhere close to hitting my monthly quota)

Yes, we’re seeing it.

The 503 error could be a couple of different things. Generally you should check the error.log file in /home/username/logs/ to see if Apache is recording an error message. Otherwise you may need someone to help you figure out what the problem is. Do you have an .htaccess file? Are you running RoR or FastCGI or the like?

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS

Yes, I use .htaccess (though it hasn’t changed hardly at all in the 16+ months I’ve been a customer of DH). No RoR or FastCGI.

In my support ticket, they’re saying that the problem has supposedly been fixed, but I’m still getting the same error as always when I do a force reload from the server.

I also checked my error log, and all that’s in there are complains about a missing favicon for the site.

I am now seeing your site (it displays “RyanVM’s MSFN Files”), but it was displaying the error message earlier.

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