Site transfer problems


I’ve recently joined up with dreamhost, and have begun the process of transfering my sites over to your servers.

Both my sites are based on MD Pro, which is a post-nuke derivative. One of them, after the transfer, appears to work just fine, but when I go to log in it won’t let me. It goes through all the motions of pretending I’ve logged in, but it doesn’t actually log me in. I’ve gone through changed all the chmod permissions for the directories to reflect what they should be, so I don’t think that’s the problem. Over on the MD Pro forums, someone else seemed to have a similar problem which they traced to the php configuration. You can view that thread here:

However, I’m not sure how I’d make those same configuration changes here. Anyone have any tips for me?

(P.S. For reference’s sake, the url for the site I’m having trouble with is . My other site,, has it’s own fair share of problems, but on that one the login at least works. The only difference between the two that I can see is that the domain for is hosted by a different company)