Site Timeout Sometime?

Hey my site just goes Offline sometimes during the day. It like Timeouts, but the CPANEL works. FTP doesnt work aswell.

Please help me and whats this problem?

When did you create your site? Recently, or a while ago?


More than a month ago for sure…

Now the site is back online, but its a mess that site goes down and then comes back…

I, too, am having trouble accessing my sites through various web browsers and through ftp, yet the panel works and I can ping the sites successfully. Been a customer over a year now. Still looking into it a bit more before going through support.

Yup stowaway you got exact same problem as me… lets wait for support i guess

I assume that one of you guys reported it to support, right?


or checked because they’ve been moving servers

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The latest move is scheduled for monday and only involves dedicated servers if I remember correctly. But I agree that checking is a good idea.


first thing I did was check the status site. I’ve seen nothing posted, ever, that dealt with “vine”. If the problem occurs today I’ll get in touch with support.

Ok i guess the Moving was the problem, but if it happens again ill let you guys know. Thanks for help!

I was wrong assuming those were dedicated servers… But it doesn’t happen until Monday.

Keep and eye on things and report it if you need to!