Site that allows visitors to upload images?

Hello All,

I’ve been trying a few plugins out in Wordpress that would allow the site visitor to:

upload an image (and maybe enter text related to the image)
use a function like “ShareThis” to post this image to Social Media Sites such as Facebook.

I’ve tried the following plugins:
WP Vault
Post Attached Image

But they either only allowed a registered user to upload photos, or not at all/didnt install correctly/didnt work with WP 2.7

My question is - does anyone know of a solution to allow me to do what I describe? All I want to do is allow a site visitor to upload an image, and use a function like ShareThis to post it to a social media site. The solution does not have to be wordpress based.

Should I just do PHP image form upload?

Look at Drupal?

Thanks in advance,

I’d try Gallery (another One-Click) plus the WPG2 plugin. Gallery offers Permalinks, which would be an easy link to copy and post elsewhere. I don’t know how and if other software would automatically post content to Facebook.


Thanks Scott.

If I understand your post, each of those is a standalone suggestion.

I will check both of them out.


If you already have WordPress installed as, you can then install Gallery2 inside Then you can go to your WordPress admin page and do a plugin search for WPG2 and install it. This will let you embed Gallery into a WordPress page. With proper configuration, your gallery will show up as “gallery” can be the name of your WordPress page, instead of the default name of


Got it.

Will give that a shot and see how it works!