Site testing w/o domain


I have a web site at another ISP. I have transfered all my files over to DH, but want to test it to see if all is working well before updating my DNS. How do I find the web address with which to test my site at DH with?

Thank you in advance.

OK here is a Wiki page (with nice graphics even) to explain, read this section a few times first as it answers your question:

have my Registration and Hosting at the same company but want to set up the site here before I transfer it

And it should be obvious but I’ll point it out since its not mentioned in the Wiki page: your web site is not accessible by IP address unless you add a unique IP to the domain (or DreamHost PS which I think comes with unique IPs IIRC).

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Beautiful. Thank you.

I actually did find this info in the wiki (but not with the nice graphics) and have created my mirror. It took a little longer than the published “few hours” to appear, but it’s there now and works like a charm.

Thank you for your help!