Site Temportarily UnAvailable --->

As at 5AM this morning, when I went to bed, all four sites on the Code warrior plan were up and running. I received a phone call from my partner at 8.30 AM that all sites were down.
This is the error — Site Temporarily Unavailable
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.
error id: “bad_httpd_conf” — Not sure what’s going on…

I also can’t connect via FTP…

ooooohh— boy! It’s going to be another long day…

This is a strange problem… and it seems that a few other customers are experiencing this as well.

Just a note that we’re looking into it and it should be fixed Real Soon ™.

They’re Back! whoopie!

Thanks Will…

You should have recieved an email accounement about this, if you have signed up (?) for email accounements, that is.

Make sure in your web panel that you have configured it to send out emails when a notice of a paticular level is mailed out. Also verify that you have at least one email address set up at so that if mail on of your domains goes down you have a backup address to recieve important announcements.


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I’m not sure we announced this one; it probably only affected 20 or 30 (unlucky) customers.

I think you’re just posting so you can beat me to the next level!

Nah! I’m sure this landed in my mailbox earlier today:

Hm… Who sent this message, then? The Demons in the machines again? :slight_smile:

[code]The following is a Downtime announcement, sent 2002-07-13 02:20:10.

You are receiving it via email because it is level 5 and
your account is set to get announcements of that level via email.
You can change that by visiting our web panel’s announcement
area at:

Hello DreamHost Customers!

We are currently experiencing a non-pervasive network degradation. This
degradation is affecting some of our customers, though at the moment we
are unable to determine how many of you are affected, and to what extent
you are affected.

You may experience your site loading slowly, or not at all. If you do
experience such symptoms, their serverity may cyclically grow and diminish
over time.

The source of the degradation appears to be centered in the networks of
one of our upstream providers. Unfortunately, although our upstream
provider is aware of the problem, we have unable to communicate with any
of their technicians working on this issue.

We will continue our inquiries until this matter is resolved.
Additionally, we will keep you informed in a timely fashion of any further

We are very sorry if this degradation has caused you any inconvenience.
Your patience is much appreciated.

Happy DreamHost Network Team!

Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement,
The DreamHost Announcement Team
[/code]- wil

Unrelated to this particular question, though.

Aha. Sorry for any confusion …

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