"Site Temporarily Unavailable"


When I try to browse my web site I have this message
"Site Temporarily Unavailable" and the host “DreamHost” send me this message
"You were operating a phishing site under your domain
You were also in possession of unauthorized copyrighted material, in
violation of copyright law:"

I dont understand what they talking about and I send 3 message support but they dont answer …

Please tell me what to do… My web sites are closed for 2 days till now…

Best Regards

What was your website address?

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It is www.shamlive.com

they reply me and said that the account will not re-enable??

If it’s a glitch, then read this article:

If there really was phishing going on at your site, then you site was probably hacked to host a phishing page. You’d have to get in touch with the Abuse department to try to work this out.

You already probably tried the standard Contact Support route:

Your email message from DreamHost hopefully has Abuse contact information so you can get back to them. Support history is here:


yea, people will setup fake myspace logins and etc.
they do this under free domain sites.
since phishing isnt allowed on myspace anymore[blocked][still is a secret code :D]it might be someone trying to get some msn’s or something.

search for something like…passwords.txt or .html