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Not sure if anyone will read this, but I’ve just changed hosting provider. The process hasn’t been without hiccups and overall I think that I’m happy. However, I am not happy with the stats.

If I had know that the stats were so bad. I would have put up with the bad customer service from the other guys.

You could always install your own - I run AwStats and am very happy with that.

What specifically do you find to be so bad about our Analog stats?

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My only real problem is the version being run - 5.23.

Newer versions give a better breakdown of browser types, but in the overall scale of running a large hosting company I fully understand that updating the stats program is well down the list of imortant jobs to do each month.

Thanks for the heads-up! Shouldn’t be much of a problem though if you store out of the web root, right?

We are upgrading Analog to the latest stable version (5.32) today.

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AWStats is by far the best stats program out there. To avoid any security issues, just put it in its own directory in your home dir (but not under your web dir) and set up a cron job to run it nightly and re-render your stats pages.

It’s great: