Site Statistics Available

I find that the range of site statistics available via the Analog program used here to be inadequate. What do others think? For example, the most important single piece of data that I’d like is simply unique visitors per day. Not available as far as i see.

Are there alternates available (that do not involve downloading the log file and purchasing an analysis program of my own.


You can install your own copy of AWStats. There are instructions in the wiki.

Distinct hosts served: 6,640 (4,991)

thanks for the awstats suggestion … but frankly it sounds like a mess especially if all i want is a monthly look at the data. and what is worse this requires a separate install for each domain i host here … i’d rather use a program like openwebscope installed on my home machine and download the log files.

seems to me that dreamhost should be providing decent stats. i must admit i didnt look carefully at the stats support and if i had i might not have moved here.


not sure i understand the above reply … ???

sorry, when u click on monthly or daily report that thing shows,
distinct host means, distinct ips visted that day or month or week
look at thier website to see what each field means… that log has pretty much everything

I’d been using Webalizer (a free app) for five years when I hosted my site in my basement.

I know you said you don’t want to download the log and purchase an analyser, but it’s free… if awkward.

I have an ugly little PHP script that runs locally to grab the log files (which I zip on the server via a cron job), appends all of my subdomain files into One Big Log, runs Webalizer on it, then FTPs the results to my DH server.

Awfull… probably. Ugly, admittedly. But I’m a bit of a packrat and I’d wanted to archive the logs anyway, so it does both for me.

If you’re unfamiliar with Webalizer, here’re my results: