Site Squatters/Security Problems?

I’ve had this problem prior to moving over here and was hoping it would not follow me, but I get these people that sit on my site for days and weeks at a time, just re-loading and re-loading. I’ve sent logs to the ISP, but to no avail. Any suggestions how to kick this/these IP(s) off my site? They can’t be squatting there for no reason so my security is obviously an issue:( Any help for this security newbie would be appreciated.


If you know thier IP address, just follow this wiki article to block them.

–Matttail - personal website

This seems like strange behaviour. How frequent are the page accesses from these people?

Are you sure it is not some kind of site crawler? What does the browser agent string in the logs show?


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I just recently opened the site to the public and noticed they found this one right away (they had done the same thing to the old one and closed it down with their flooding/bandwidth overload). I took everything down there and keep only a sale page up there so they can squat all they want as they won’t ever be able to use up bandwidth, but here they will. It isn’t a spider or bot. Their browser sting is: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322

Maybe there is a script they have to see and click before they enter that will tell them how many times they have been there and what their IP is that will help cut down on the 100+ visits within so many days (heck my site is nice, but not great!)

And what about a time-out script that bounces them out after so much time?

Can someone explain what a site squatter is, and how would I recognize it?

I’ve got a free videopodcast fitness site – my downloads shot up over the past couple of days, but we’re in itunes etc etc but I’m sure my competitors that charge for their service will apma like they tried on my google ads…

what is site squatting?

The original poster was referring to a person (or script) who, for whatever reason, constantly requests pages and/or files from your site, presumably to drive up your bandwidth usage and cause you to be hit with excess data charges.

As for detecting them, I would suggest scanning your sites access logs for repeated hits from the same IP address or IP block.


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ok…thanks so much for the info…if anything things like that only make you learn how to counter them, giving you more knowlege and knowlege=power :slight_smile:

competitors kept spamming my google ads, so i learned how to do seo and i let google pay me instead.

ha. take THAT you evildoers!