Site Speed

Hello all,

This is my first post at the Dream Host discussion forum. I was referred here by the Dream Host support team.

I just redesigned my Wordpress run site with an 8 loop front page that also includes a “most popular” section. My site is image heavy with many of the images resized.

The result of the changes is a site that slows down and crashes frequently. Especially when I am adding new posts.

I want to fix the problem but I am not sure how as I have limited knowledge about server optimization. I run the lowest level DH Dedicated Server.

I would appreciate any direction that you can offer.



check your page speed using Google PageSpeed…

Yikes… 8-loops in wp_query (I’m assuming…) and a most popular section, AND image heavy? Yeah, I can see that getting slow.

What kind of caching are you already using on the Dedi? You may need to install some PHP accelerators (like ZendOptimizerPlus and Memcached) to get more speed from the server.

@Fattah Thanks for the idea, I tried it and got a “backend error”. I tested it on pingdom and have gotten mixed results from relatively fast 2 second load times to extremely slow 15 second load times.

@Ipstenu-DH Yeah, I have the triple threat for how to grind your site to a halt. Thanks for the PHP accelerator ideas, I had never heard of either option. I will look into both. Xcache is currently active on the server. Would that be an issue?

No, Xcache is okay, but it doesn’t play great with things like W3TC (which is what I recommend for a VPS or Dedi by way of WP caching). I recommend Memcached since I personally have seen better benchmarks on it with my server, when combined with PHP 5.4 and Pagespeed. ZendOptimizerPlus is going to replace APC in PHP 5.5 and it works pretty well. I’ve had some odd hiccups with some non-WP apps.

You may also do well to move the images to a CDN, since that would offload some of the bigger things.

Is the installation process for Memcached straightforward?

Eeeeh, straightforward if you’re used to installing packages on servers yes. If you’re not, like I wasn’t, it’s a bit nervewracking.