Site Speed Strategy for DreamObjects & DreamCompute Server Regions?

According to the DreamCompute admin panel, it looks like my DreamCompute instances are set on “US-East 2”, but the DreamObjects has an URL like , so I’m assuming that server location is “US-West 1”. I thought I remember reading something about it being important to get all the server locations the same (or maybe this was just for web and mysql servers?).

If I have a website using both DreamCompute/DreamObjects, are these different server locations going to slow down the site? Is there some strategy involved to make the site run faster by keeping the server locations the same?


If you are on regular hosting then it would make a difference if your database was in a different place. Cloud hosting should be better regardless of the location. However, if you’d like you can open a ticket and request for one of our cloud team members to take a look.


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