Site slowness - what can I check myself?

cliff notes are in bold…lol

Been a very happy Dreamhost user for a couple of years now but recently my sites all became very slow…unresponsive at times even.

I am still waiting to hear back from support but in the mean time wanted to know what all “I” could look at or try to figure out?

I do use Wordpress…and have installed some other scripts to try out but most the sites have not had any changes at all in over a year and they were always fast…and since it’s across the board with my sites I am thinking it’s server related.

Is there anyway to check the status of the new servers I was moved too myself? goldenrod

I followed one of the links off the how to speed up your site article I think it was called load impact…and it just crashed my sites entirely. That site or script sent 50 users to my site but it took down all the sites I have when I ran it.

Again why I am thinking this is a server wide issue…maybe a MySql server issue though.

I am not saying one of my third party “test” (Joomla, Pligg etc) scripts isn’t the culprit either of all this either…I just need to figure that out…have already renamed the directories on the scripts I recently installed and am just waiting to be able to work on the sites again.

Thank you.

Since you mentioned “third party scripts” I’d wager that’s the problem.

If you are calling anything remotely from another server, that’s always a risk. Could be the remote service is having problems, or even just a connectivity issue between your server and the other one, even a bad switch somewhere along the way. Always best to keep everything in-house, on your own server.

Maybe I called it a wrong thing…Not sure why I called them third party…just scripts like Joomla, Pligg and Wordpress is all I meant.
So probably just thinking back to when I had managed people…who managed my server…that may be where I started calling scripts that since they weren’t wrote in house by our dev team.

Third party is probably the right words but web app might be a better term than scripts for those. I kinda read it the same way originally, thinking you meant custom scripts.

If any of the sites in question are public you might post links. Being able to watch the pages load often brings more specific advice.