Site seems to be blocked by firewall

I just opened a new account yesterday,
I changed the DNS settings of my domain and it got propagated.
But now, the IP that my domain resolves to doesn’t seems to accept HTTP connections (Trying to connect to port 80 with telnet is unsuccesfull),
nor answers to pings.

Can anyone tell me what’s the average time it takes DH to responds to support tickets? I created one 4 hours ago, and still nothing.
Does it takes them that long usually?

Telnet is no longer supported on DH.
Use secure shell instead. Putty is good:

The OP was using Telnet as a manual web browser. You can Telnet to port 80 and do http GETs, just like you can telnet to port 110 and do POP mail commands.

Support tries to respond in 24 hours. A brand new site takes a few days to fully propagate. Tell us the domain, and some of us will poke around to see how the propagation is going.


My bad. Sorry - I misunderstood. Duh.
I check propagation sometimes that way too.