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Hi there, I am looking for a good Site Search application that will work well with Dreamhost. I have tinkered around with Matts Script Archives’ Simple Search, however, it does not seem to be functioning. It think the problem may either be with the perl interpreter or the $basedir. I have tried “/home/craigbiz/,” however, the script is behaving as if that is wrong and no results come up. I am not getting any error 500’s, just blank results pages. Any help with this or any recommendations as to another search script either in CGI or Perl would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


G’day, Craig The Biz.
I recommend Fluid dynamics Search Engine (FDSE) which I have been using for years without any problems. Yes, FDSE is DreamHost-friendly.
All the best,

I purchased it and just got done setting it up. It seems to be working great. Thanks for your advice.


You are welcome! Very glad to hear that you have got FDSE running.

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