Site retarded


My site ( looks great on my computer and it used to work great. In fact the dozen sites I run off the Dream server are all… dreamy.

But suddenly it’s completely screwed up. I look at the source code, the image file names or the CSS names are gibberish. And then I look again and they’re fine.

I have validated the site and it’s CSS - no problems.

Anyone else had this weirdness beset them? Is it a server setting - it looks the same as the ones that work.


Names as in the names of the actual file being served? or do you mean the name referenced in the code?
Have you got an example?

#3 - is stuffed.

FireBug is saying, about the body tag: "This element has no style rules. You can create a rule for it."
In fact it seems to be saying I have no CSS rules at all which would explain the way the page looks except for the fact that there’s no images either.

It’s like the images and the CSS is failing to get loaded but I validated the entire site including the CSS and it’s all fine.

I saw an example but can’t now. where it should have been class=“header” it was class=“fdhgjhgttds” and an image src=“images/header.jpg” was looking like some kind of picture server decided to get involved. I can’t find the source for it now.


Ah ha! It’s OK in Safari, so I turned a few FireFox Add-ons on and off - it was AdBlock Plus?! Weird…