Site redo in everweb; is FTP the same

Sorry if this is a terribly elementary question, but here’s the thing: I created a site using iweb not knowing that iweb has been discontinued. Once I learned this I decided to re-create my site using everweb. My site is small and simple at this point so I’m gonna just redo the pages.

When I FTP, if I simply use the same names for my new everweb pages as I did for my old iweb pages, are they replaced?

Will my old pages still be out there?

Where is the best place for me to go to learn the basics (and I mean BASICS) of understanding this situation?


Elementary questions are fine!

Keep in mind that your web site is, ultimately, just a folder full of files, where each file is one page. So, if Everweb tries to put files in that folder with the same names as files that are already there, then yes, they’ll be replaced! The old ones will be gone, unless there’s nothing to replace them, in which case they’ll just stay there.

I’d highly recommend that you download an FTP client and use that to poke around your web site a bit. Knowing what’s in there will help you better understand what’s doing on. There’s a list of them on our wiki; one popular, decently good, and free one is Filezilla.

Thank you. I will get filezilla. I’ve used Dreamweaver to create web sites before, and not being able to see my files in iweb and everweb is throwing me off. Filezilla will help immensely. THANK YOU!

Language is important to me, and I find that if I understand the definition of terms, I’m on my way to understanding the concepts behind them. With that said, could you please define “FTP client”? Does this just mean a program that shows me my files, both locally and on the FTP server? Why don’t iweb and everweb just let you see this stuff? I’m totally fine with downloading filezilla, but I don’t really get why I can’t just see my files in the first place.

Like Dreamweaver, iweb and everweb are what’s called an “IDE” (Integrated Development Environment) and likely have some form of FTP client built into them - but they also have HTML editor/viewers and various other bits built into them. In the case of iweb and everweb, Im guessing that the built-in FTP is kept safely tucked away from prying, perhaps less-experienced eyes.