Site redirects from Wordpress install?

Hi there,

I’m a complete beginner so I could really use some help!
I decided to host my site at Dreamhost, and when they asked what domain name I’d like to register I asked for All of this went smoothly until I tried to run the install script at - the site immediately redirects to
Though this is the address I registered, this isn’t my site. I’m assuming this belongs to an old owner, and I’ve now bought it through Dreamhost. But could I have made a mistake here? Or do I have to wait a few days to be able to access and configure the site? I’ve followed all of the Wordpress instructions - creating a database, renaming and changing the config file.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

  • Amelia

Somehow you weren’t told that was already registered through June 2010. You’ll need to pick a different domain.

Also if you are new to web hosting perhaps there is some confusion of the terms registration and hosting. Domain registration and domain hosting are two separate services. You don’t have to register a domain with DreamHost in order to host a domain with DreamHost and so domain registration can be overlooked when signing up for an account with DreamHost. I suggest contacting Support through the Web Panel especially in the event your Domains -> Registration panel shows so that can be corrected. It’s probably not there, in which case you’d may want to let them know what lead you to believe you had ‘bought it’ so this doesn’t happen again. At least I get e-mail messages letting me know the domain registration was a success and gives the expiration date.

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Might be a glitch in the domain checking procedure during signup. If you let Support know exactly what happened (even link them to this thread) they can sort you out with a new domain and get a dev to take a look at the signup pages.

[color=#00CC00]Panel > Support > Contact Support[/color]

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sXi and Atropos7,
Thank you so much for your help. It’s entirely feasible that my lack of understanding lead to this mistake, so I will now take your advice and contact support in order to work something out.